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'Who The Hell Is That?' Will's Grammy Diary. February 15, 2011

Will gives a track-by-track commentary for I Am Very Far. A melodic boombox, crashing file cabinets and guira mimicking paper...did we need any more reasons to get excited for this album? With each new detail, the anticipation burrows deeper and deeper. February 2011

The Austin Chronicle
Will gives a track-by-track commentary for True Love Cast Out All Evil. April 16, 2010

Drowned in Sound
Will provides his choices for a mixtape at Drowned In Sound. Who knew that there was such a thing as a secretarial voice? November 3, 2008

PRX posted Andy Uhler's KUT piece on how Okkervil River is the modern representative of Austin and its musical heritage. Also discussed is whether, or rather, when, Okkervil will explode beyond its core fanbase. Will advises that in Austin, it is very important to shun and scorn the generation before you. March 11, 2008

A news item on Golden Opportunities and the "Girl in Port" video from Italy. Okkervil only has one "L" (typos happen, but proofreading is easy).

The Austin Chronicle
The Off The Record column announces that the legendary Roky Erickson may join Okkervil River as they headline the Austin Music Awards at this year's SXSW Music Conference and Festival ("Don't Shake Me Lucifer" anyone? ...I mean, unless the band wants to thoroughly indulge my garage-rock purist, flashback fantasies and try to pull off "You're Gonna Miss Me." ). February 1, 2008

Strange Glue Music
This article promises a second February date at Scala in London, but Live Nation doesn't have tickets for sale yet. October 25, 2007

A second-by-second dissection of "A Stone." October 3, 2007

A live journal posting of an interview with Will, who admires Amy Winehouse, imagines himself Janet Jackson, and notes R.E.M.'s influence on The Stage Names' production. And he name-checks a comic shop, which is equally telling! October 3, 2007

St. Louis Diner Review
Blog concert review of the Chicago show full of misidentified songs and backhanded compliments. September 22, 2007

The Austin Chronicle - Austin Music Database
Almost all the information is either chronologically or factually incorrect, but the picture makes me smile. The list of past shows' highlights is nice, as well. August 31, 2007

Metroblogging Seattle
Part precede, part review, part ode to the lovelorn listeners, this article wastes no time jumping to the Third/Sister Lovers comparison, which is more apt than Bright Eyes, less obvious than Neil Young. May 12-18, 2005

The Austin Chronicle
Will Sheff and Will Johnson (Centro-Matic) share wine, literary influences and dark humor in Austin's Oakwood Cemetery while embracing uncertainty in the face of death, the future and fire ants. September 12, 2003

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