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Mr. Meiburg, you may know, is a multi-talented, many-banded man. Some nights, he is solo. It’s nearly impossible to do justice to the beauty of Jonathan’s music with mere words; describing Jonathan is all about the feelings of dreaming.

His songs are so powerful. His voice is so pure. It is so sweet! Never mind the style of the performance, momentarily forget even the compositions and arrangements themselves! It is the voice! Like a siren calling out to all souls sailing this slice of sea! It is haunting, like a ghost ship. It is comforting, like a safe port in a storm. It is beckoning like a beacon of sound. Leading, guiding...

It is this voice that could point the lost home.

February 15 The Vortex ~ Beaumont, TX
February 16 Chelsea’s Cafe ~ Baton Rouge, LA
February 17 One Eyed Jack’s ~ New Orleans, LA
February 18 Thirsty Hippo ~ Hattiesburg, MS
February 19 Club Downunder ~ Tallahassee, FL
February 20 Common Grounds ~ Gainsville, FL
February 22 Cafe Eleven ~ St Augustine, FL
February 23 Village Tavern ~ Mt Pleasant, SC
February 24 New Brookland Tavern ~ Columbia, SC
February 25 Red Light Cafe ~ Atlanta, GA
February 26 The Bottletree ~ Birmingham, AL
February 28 Hi-Tone ~ Memphis, TN
February 29 Blueberry Hill ~ St Louis, MO
March 1 Jackpot Saloon ~ Lawrence, KS
March 2 Continental Club ~ Tulsa, OK
March 4 Launchpad ~ Albuquerque, NM
March 6 Rhythm Room ~ Phoenix, Az
March 7 Plush ~ Tucson, AZ
March 8 Zeppelin’s Underground ~ El Paso, TX
September 26 Pearl Street Ballroom ~ Northampton, MA
September 27 Monkey Town ~ Brooklyn, NY Setlist Audio
September 28 Webster Hall ~ New York, NY
September 29 Johnny Brenda's ~ Philadelphia, PA Setlist Video
September 30 Rock and Roll Hotel ~ Washington, DC Setlist
October 2 Cat's Cradle ~ Carrboro, NC
October 3 40 Watt ~ Athens, GA Setlist Video
October 4 Club Downunder ~ Tallahassee, FL
October 5 House Of Blues ~ New Orleans, LA
May 29 Luminaire ~ London, England
May 31 Café de la Danse ~ Paris, France
August 22 KUT FM ~ Austin, TX Setlist Audio
August 23 Emo's ~ Austin, TX
October 14 Bowery Ballroom ~ New York, NY Setlist
November 5 Le Sonic ~ Lyon, France
November 17 Emo's ~ Austin, TX Video
December 31 The Mohawk ~ Austin, TX

~Fall To Grace (Original Score)
  • Jonthan Meiburg teamed with Austin-based violinist, and founder of the New Music Co-op, Travis Weller, to compose the score for this film festival favorite from writer/director Mari Marchbanks. More information on Fall To Grace can be found at

    Note: The music of Shearwater, Centro-Matic and other Austin bands is also featured in the film.

    ~Buteo Buteo (CDR released 2004)
  • Jonthan Meiburg solo recording sold at 2004 Shearwater shows

    1. All the Pretty Horses
    2. Sea Robins
    3. The Elephant Walk (for JFK)
    4. The Assassin
    5. The Biology Building
    6. Switchbacks
    7. Unharmed (Dragons)
    8. Child of Never

    Note: “Recorded live to 2-track 1/4” by Brian Beattie in Austin, TX, June 2004. Mastered by Jeff Hoskins. JM – voice, guitar BB – elephant bars.
    All songs by JM except #1, which is traditional.”

    It occurred to us at Down The Oubliette that some more recent Okkervil River fans may be unfamiliar with Jonathan Meiburg’s other band, Shearwater.

    Shearwater began in 2001 as an outlet for Will Sheff and Jonathan Meiburg’s works outside of Okkervil River. Current core members are Meiburg, Kim Burke, Howard Draper and Thor Harris. In 2006, Shearwater released what Pop Matters calls, “… one of the finest records to be released in recent memory.” The phenomenal Palo Santo was recently re-mastered and re-released as Shearwater’s debut for Matador Records.

    Although our site is dedicated to Okkervil River and the solo works of band mates, we are also steadfast supporters of Shearwater (and Jonathan’s solo shows are comprised mainly of his Shearwater compositions)! Discover more at

    Guest Appearances
    Piano, Accordion, Wurlitzer and Banjo on the album Cedarland by Palaxy Tracks (CD released April 29, 2003)

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