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Okkervil River
Please don't mind the dust,
do let your eyes adjust.
Take a look at what you've found in our dark and dusty round.
Sight and sound once concealed,
now are treasures here revealed
Here lies the disregarded, unremembered and discarded
Things you've not seen yet
and some you've let yourself forget,
Wonders abound, here underground-you've fallen down the oubliette!
Okkervil River

Welcome to Down The Oubliette, a place for Okkervil River fans to find all manner of interesting items and information on the band. We have audio and video, tour dates and set lists, photos and concert reports, news, reviews and interviews. We have areas devoted to the solo performances of Okkervil River's Will Sheff and former member Jonathan Meiburg. We have never-before-seen footage! We hope to have input from fans and friends as well.

This site is not part of Okkervil River's official web site, nor is it meant to compete with, or detract from, the band's internet effort. It is meant to augment, and complement, Okkervil's official online presence, and to pick up postscript and preserve performances that might otherwise be lost as the band presses onward and upward. We intend Down The Oubliette to be a record, a repository and a resource. We are auxiliary. Please avail yourselves of our athenaeum.

We will be updating and adding content consistently. However, we need your assistance (it's more difficult to get new things when one's been tossed down the oubliette, you see.)! If you've anything to add to our archives, contact us at Please send us your audio and video, set lists and photos, news and concert reports and tributes and testimonials, old and new (Help us fill in this hole!).

Visit us as often as you like. We will be here (For us, there's no escape!).

Okkervil River
Okkervil River
Okkervil River

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