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As we wait for the mystery to reveal itself to us, Pitchfork provides us with the first glimpse into the writing and recording process of I Am Very Far. February 2011

Nice interview with Will at a time he wasn't promoting a particular album. November 2009

Galway Advertiser
It's a good thing Nirvana was mentioned again or we'd be left wondering whether or not a comma was omitted (it was). August 20, 2009

Einstein Music Journal
You know things are bad when you'd rather sleep in a van than a house. May 11, 2009.

95bFM (audio interview)
"I like playing really small shows. I like playing those kind of dive shows."Yes, those shows. Please play more of them; fans like them too! April 15, 2009.

Appreciating the fairytale in failing at failure. April 2009.

Drowned in Sound (Part I) (Part II)
Not only are Will Sheff's lyrics inspiring and thought-provoking, his interviews are too. November 2008.

Experimental Music Love
The beautiful city of Bruges has catapulted Belgium from the most unsettling stop of the Winter 2008 tour to the favorite this time around. Will employs his ever powerful prose to recount his experience visiting The Basilica of the Holy Blood. November 8, 2008.

It's so refreshing to hear from someone other than Will -- we think the other band members should also start doing the occasional interview -- but someone should let Travis know that "Just Give Me Time" is on a record called Sleep And Wake-Up Songs. September 21, 2008.

In advance of their Madison show, read about Travis Nelsen's Wisconsin roots. September 12, 2008.

Have you listened to the leak of The Stand Ins? Apparently, then, you've seen Okkervil River naked. Listen to this live interview of Will Sheff hours before their Lollapalooza performance. August 3, 2008.
The whole platforms and glam route might suit you, Will. (We certainly get a glitter titter from that mental picture! Perhaps if you try drinking the mineral water?) February 21, 2008

The Houston Chronicle
Misogynistic melodrama sprinkled with endearing derision (or something...). October 5, 2007

Canada's Music Authority says Will Sheff is "definitely a musician." Will agrees (Hey Will, who said anything about elbow patches? The pipe, on the other hand, that could be sexy...) September 2007

Memories, good food and the pathetic truth. September 24, 2007

The Boston Globe
Will Sheff pleads for pathos played during daylight hours, plus William Schaff on the ambivalent cover art for The Stage Names. September 21, 2007

Portland Mercury
We've been telling you forever, the more people you invite, the bigger the party! Thanks for finally RSVPing. September 6, 2007
Our good friend Will talks about tightrope walking, becoming a commodity and, again, how if you write it, it will happen! September 6, 2007

National Public Radio
On NPR's All Things Considered, Will talks with Debbie Elliott about giving gifts of ear candy, swimming in a referential soup, how the most beautifully uplifting, alien art can come from the basest, ugliest, most woefully earthbound creatures...He touches on how spirituality and sexuality seeps into fan-dom and fondness for the fruits of creative exploration, and how that exploratory impulse is a sacrificial choice, which both delights and discomforts him. September 2, 2007.

Albuquerque Alibi
I pledge allegiance to the truth. {Is that ironic, somehow? Or are we just easily amused?} August 30, 2007.

Arizona Daily Star
The barometer of excitement and big-headed bloggers (Will swears he doesn't dye his hair!). August 30, 2007.

SF Gate
Okkervil faces extinction armed with ineffable logic. August 30, 2007.

The Believer
An interview with Will Sheff from Okkervil River's spring 2006 tour; all about stabbings, soul music and sexuality from "the saddest band in Scotland." May 2007.

A video interview with a very tired Will Sheff, in between recording sessions for The Stage Names and performances at Austin's SXSW music conference. March 2007.

National Public Radio
Entitled, "Spookiness and Bloodshed," this is a short blurb on Black Sheep Boy, featuring Will's "Overkill" quip for NPR's Weekend Edition. January 2006.

La Blogotheque
Deconstructing Okkervil and living life with your sleeves rolled up. October 2005.

The Austin Chronicle
Okkervil River's hometown weekly charts the band's evolution from Bedroom to Black Sheep Boy. April 1, 2005.

Tim McMahon discusses Black Sheep Boy with Will Sheff in this interview from April, 2005.

The Austin Chronicle
The Decemberists are to The Replacements, as Okkervil River are to cheesy overindulgence. Wait… January 21, 2005.

Erasing Clouds
A meandering, sweet little stream of babbling and gushing from an obvious Okkervil River devotee, this Down The River Of Golden Dreams-era article flows swiftly over every piece of OR lore, including a bit of Bright Eyes backlash. October 2003.

The Austin Chronicle
Between tours, and just before a SXSW showcase, Will gets cuddly with us for the release of Don't Fall In Love With Everyone You See. March 15, 2003.

Comes With A Smile
The interview where Will famously fetes failure and argues against the "" characterization often attached to Okkervil River. 2002.

Tim McMahon reveals the three reasons people write about music, talks about Appalachian music, murder, family men and fame with Will, and falls in love with Don't Fall In Love With Everyone You See in this Lazy-I interview from 2002.

The Austin Chronicle
Will, Seth and Zach expound on truth, blood and irony, and the writer makes a comparison to Radiohead. Perhaps she was being ironic? March 3, 2000.

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